2022 MIG Special Event

Guest Speaker

Dr. Shira Viel is an Assistant Professor of the Practice of Mathematics at Duke University. She works primarily in introductory undergraduate math education, including teaching, research, and curriculum development. Dr. Viel is passionate about making math as welcoming and inclusive as possible, with interests in student sense of community, alternative assessment methods, and the training of graduate student instructors. Her other research interests are drawn from her Ph.D. work in algebraic combinatorics: counting interesting things and doing algebra with pictures! Beyond education and mathematics, Dr. Viel enjoys being outdoors, baking, crosswords, ultimate frisbee, and spending time with her family.

Awards Ceremony featuring Guest Speaker Dr. Shira Viel from Duke University: https://youtu.be/jp-KkD5PmP0

Parent Talk and Live Solve

We are very excited to welcome Dr. Po-Shen Loh, Professor of mathematics at Carnegie Mellon University and the national coach of the United States’ International Math Olympiad team!

On competition day (March 26th), come meet Professor Po-Shen Loh, and let’s do some challenging math together! The first session (6:30-8:00p.m. CST) will be an educational talk, “How to help girls use math and science to succeed at life”, hosted by Professor Po-Shen Loh. He will address parents by discussing educational philosophy, particularly around how math and science will help girls to achieve their long-term life goals and real success in life.

There will be substantial time for free-ranging Q&A from students and parents. The second session (8:00-9:00 p.m. CST) will be a video Live Solve for Math Invitational for Girls competition this year, co-hosted by two high-school TAs from the online course Daily Challenge with Po-Shen Loh. None of them will have looked at these problems beforehand!