About Us

Our Mission

The Math Invitational for Girls (MIG) started out as nothing more than an idea in an ice-cream parlor, to solve a problem we were passionate about: how to combat the underrepresentation of women in STEM. As we realized that we have the ability to drive this change, MIG was founded as a step towards breaking down the social barriers surrounding gender bias in the fields of math and science. Our mission is to inspire young women in STEM education, most known with our annual main event based in Memphis, TN. Last April, the Math Invitational reached over 200 participants in the tri-state area, and we are constantly expanding.

Meet the Team

Marissa Liu


Marissa is an active member of the mathematics community and has been participating in MIG competitions throughout her middle school years. Through that experience, she has gained confidence in math and believes that math can empower girls to achieve anything in the STEM field. By serving the MIG organization, Marissa looks forward to motivating many more girls to pursue their passions and supporting them to reach their full potentials.

Jerry Xiao

Vice President, Head Problem Writer

As a math enthusiast, Jerry seeks to promote mathematics and STEM to others. Jerry hopes to contribute fun and brain-inducing problems for MIG. He anticipates in others realizing their potentials in the STEM field.

Annie Wu

Public Relations Coordinator

As a Mathcounts Alumni and previous MIG participant, Annie is very passionate about learning and teaching math. Through MIG, she hopes to inspire others to take more active roles in the STEM field.

Sydney Kong

Director of Logistics

A previous participant in MathCounts, MIG, and other math contests, Sydney is an avid believer of using math to unite people. By joining the team of MIG, she hopes to inspire girls to pursue their passions and motivate themselves to reach higher initiative. 

Emily Zhang

Public Relations Coordinator

In addition to being a previous MIG participant, Emily has also taken MathCounts and AMC throughout her middle school years. By serving as a coach of a middle school’s math team and joining MIG, she hopes to inspire young girls to pursue their interests in STEM.

Special Thanks

Jennifer Xiao


Harvard 2021

Elaine Fu


Stanford 2023

Xintong Wang

Former Co-President

Xintong Wang has worked in MIG in the Board of Directors for four years, motivating youths to pursue greater heights.

Lilac Ding

Former Co-President

Lilac Ding has worked in MIG in the Board of Directors for four years, aiming to help bridge the gap for young women.

Kevin Luo

Former Co-President

Harvard 2024

IMG_4276 (1)

Vilanna Wang

Former Co-President

Columbia 2024

Noor Amin

Digital Artist

Noor is the main digital artist on our team. Alongside the founders, she created our iconic logo, working with MIG from afar in Washington D.C. Noor also runs a partner organization where proceeds for original art go to help Syrian refugees (www.acrylicdreams.org).

Angus McKee

Former Problem Committee Member


Amanda Zhou

Former President