2017 MIG Winners!

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you to everyone who participated! Another great year at MIG has gone by, and we’re pleased to announce the winners officially below.

Individual Round Winners

6th Grade

1st: Marissa Liu

2nd: Prakhya Ganti

3rd: Sydney Massey

7th Grade

1st: Amanda Zhou

2nd: Susan Zhang

3rd: Sydney Chase

8th Grade

1st: Yuka Kimura

2nd: Ayaka Kimura

3rd: Maggie Wilson

Top 6 Scoring Individuals

1st: Yuka Kimura

2nd: Ayaka Kimura

3rd: Marissa Liu

4th: Maggie Wilson

5th: Amanda Zhou

6th: Susan Zhang

Team Round Winners

1st: Houston Team A

2nd: Schilling Farms Middle

3rd: St. George’s Independent School

Oral Proof Winning Pair

Ayaka Kimura and Amanda Zhou

Essay Contest Winners

1st – Sophia Davis

2nd – Yuka Kimura

3rd – Magan Perry

1st Honorable Mention – Sydney Massey

2nd Honorable Mention – Ayaka Kimura

3rd Honorable Mention – Delaney Swinton