2021 MIG Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in 2021 MIG competition!

The winners for each grade level as well as the overall winners are listed below:

6th Grade:

1st Place: Paige Zhu (New Jersey)

2nd Place: Eva Lin (California)

3rd Place: Jakie Zhu(New York)

4th Place:  Charlotte Cheng(Tennessee)

5th Place: Valerie Fu(California)

6th Place: Katherine Yang(California)

7th Grade:

1st Place: Angela Ho (Illinois)

2nd Place: Charlotte Liu(New Jersey)

3rd Place:  Christina Liu(Washington)

4th Place:  Anna Deng(California)

5th Place: Ryka Chopra(California)

6th Place: Cynthia Hu(California)

8th Grade:

1st Place: Jessie Wang (Texas)

2nd Place: Audrey Perry(Texas)

3rd Place: Mia Liu(California)

4th Place:  Ashley Huang(California) and Melissa Jin(California)

5th Place: Sophia Wang(Washington)

6th Place: Annie Wu(Tennessee)