2023 MIG Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in 2023 MIG competition!

The winners for each grade level are listed below:

6th Grade and Below:​

1st Place: Elaine Gu​
2nd Place: Emily Wang​
3rd Place: Danica Wang​
4th Place: Yuhan Che​
5th Place: Grace Liang​
6th Place: Josephine Wang​

7th Grade:

1st Place: Selena Ge​
2nd Place: Yunong Wu​
3rd Place: Alice Yin​
4th Place: Chloe Ma​
5th Place: Laura Wang​
6th Place: Emma Ouyang​

8th Grade:

1st Place: Caroline Huang​
2nd Place: Valerie Fu​
3rd Place: Patricia Mao​
4th Place: Avery Liang​
5th Place: Janie Zheng​
6th Place: Ella Liu​

Honor Roll:

Jasmine Wang, Nancy Fu, Catherine Ji, Audrey Yang, Melody Jing, Charlotte Cheng, Eliana Xu, Kelly Nie, Sunny Zhang, Evie Shen, Emily Shang, Alyssa Li, Mia Yan, Kate Wu, Sinuo Xu, Sylvia Dong, Sophie Yu, Annabella Zhang, Olivia Wei, Jocelyn Yan, Vivien Yang, Katherine Long, Audrey Mi​