2022 MIG Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in 2022 MIG competition!

The winners for each grade level are listed below:

6th Grade Winners:

1st Place: Laura Wang (Lakeside School)

2nd Place: Reina Liu (Lincoln Academy)

3rd Place: Alice Yin (Jonas Clarke Middle School)

4th Place: Elaine Gu (Stratford Online Academy)

5th Place: Sophia Fan (Miller Middle School)

6th Place: Adalene Leigh (Middlebrook School)

7th Grade Winners:

1st Place: Caroline Huang (Taylor Road Middle School)

2nd Place: Ella Liu (White Station Middle School)

3rd Place: Katherine Chen (Ephraim Curtis Middle School)

4th Place: Valerie Fu (Creekside Middle School)

5th Place: Janie Zheng (Oak Valley Middle School)

6th Place: Summer Chu (Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy)

8th Grade Winners:

1st Place: Eva Xu (Odle Middle School)

2nd Place: Sophia Hou (Longfellow Middle School)

3rd Place: Ashley Zhang (Takoma Park Middle School)

4th Place: Charlotte Liu (William Annin Middle School)

5th Place-8th Place (Tie): Mia Liu (Miller Middle School), Alicia Li (Horace Mann School), Ryka Chopra (Hopkins Junior High), Angela Ho (Daniel Wright Junior High School)

Honor Roll:

Fiona Dong (Grade 8, Chippewa Middle School)                       

Vivian Lei (Grade 8, Redwood Middle School)

Nikita Agrawal (Grade 6, Leal Elementary)

Aishwarya Agrawal (Grade 8, Odle Middle School)

Qiyun Chen (Grade 8, Harvest Park Middle School)

Eva Lin (Grade 6, BASIS Independent Silicon Valley)

Lanie Deng (Grade 6, Central)

Grace Liu (Grade 8, South Charlotte Middle School)

Lulu Huang (Grade 8, Rachel Carson Middle School)

Ge Feng (Grade 8, Jonas Clarke Middle School)

Jenny Chu (Grade 7, The Hockaday School)

Annabel Wang (Grade 6, Orinda Intermediate School)

Daphne Chen (Grade 6, Challenger School)

Averyl Xu (Grade 6, Indian Hill School)     

Michelle Li (Grade 8, Grisham Middle School)

Sophia Wu (Grade 7, Tredyffrin Easttown Middle School)        

Julia Ding (Grade 7, Peachtree Middle School)    

Ziqi Zheng (Grade 8, Rincon Valley Middle School)                                  

Lillian Liang (Grade 6, Rice Middle School)

Sylvia Dong (Grade 7, Miller Middle School)

Ellen Wei (Grade 8, Harris Road Middle School)

Olivia Wei (Grade 7, Westminster Schools)

Kate Wu (Grade 6, White Station Middle School)

Neha Agrawal (Grade 8, Whitney High School)

Brianna Su (Grade 5, Lincoln)

Christina Wang (Grade 8, Community Middle School)

Christina Liu (Grade 8, Lakeside Middle School)

16 points was the cutoff to place on the Honorable Mention List