Welcome to 2022 MIG Competition

The link to the test is at the bottom of the page. Please read the following rules to ensure that you are ready to begin.


  • This is a 25 question, 40 minute, multiple choice exam (with the additional 5 minutes added to the 40-minute test to fill out personal information). Each question will have answer choices A, B, C, D, and E, with only one answer being correct.
  • There is no penalty for guessing. 1 point will be awarded for each correct answer, and 0 points will be given to incorrect answers. 
  • The only permitted resources on this competition are writing utensils and scratch paper. Do not attempt to use any external aids. This includes, but is not limited to, other people, calculators, cellphones, smartphones, smartwatches, and Google.
  • There is a countdown clock at the top of the screen that keeps track of your time. Once it hits zero, you will not be able to change any of your answers. Once you begin, the clock will begin counting down.
  • Do not refresh this page or close this tab once the clock begins counting down.
  • The submission form will close at 1:50 PM CT.

I, the student taking this exam, will not receive or attempt to receive aid on this examination from any external sources, including but not limited to written material, online resources, or another person. I will not give or attempt to give aid to other students who will be or who have not yet taken this exam before the testing window ends. I will not attempt to gain an unfair advantage on this examination or violate its rules. I understand that if I am or if I am aware of another student who is violating these guidelines or the competition rules on this examination, I am obligated to inform the board of MIG.  I also understand that if I cheat, my test score will be voided, and I will be banned from future participation in this competition. By typing my name on test page, I affirm on my honor that I will abide by the guidelines stated above.

Click here to begin test (available on 3/26, 1:00 PM CT)