2023 MIG Online Competition

Competition Link

The 2023 MIG competition begins at 11 AM CT on Sunday, April 16th. The competition link will be sent via email and posted on this page for all registered participants in the days prior to the competition, but submissions and viewing will not be enabled until 11 AM CT on the competition day.


Registration is reserved for middle school girls (from 6th to 8th grade). To register, go to https://forms.gle/4cFmkZbAZBXmBpzC7 before the competition date. Once registered, participants will receive an email a few days prior to the competition day containing the link to the individual competition as well as a Zoom link for the awards ceremony and seminar. The Zoom link will not be used for proctoring the contest, but we will be on Zoom to answer any questions.

Event Details

The individual round consists of a 25-question test, similar to the AMC8, that assesses participants on their knowledge of mathematics. The link will be emailed to all participants, and the test will be held on ourĀ website. Once the test is opened on April 16th at 11 AM CT, all participants will have 45 minutes to complete and submit it.